The history proceeds in 1986 in Vice City. Tommy Vercetti, former henchman of one of the godfathers in the Mafia of Liberty City, Sony Forelli, leaves a fifteen years stay of prison.

As a rehabilitation in the Forelli family, Sony, which fears the return of Tommy in the streets of Liberty City, sends this one to Vice City in order to launch the family in the drug trafficking to which the Maffia was not delivered until there. On its arrival on the spot with its two henchmen, it is accomodated by Ken Rosenberg, a lawyer working for Forelli which organized a deal in the port of the city. The exchange with the supplier, Victor Vance is stopped by the appearance of mysterious men armed who kill Vance and the two men with Tommy which succeeds in fleeing with Rosenberg, on the spot leaving the money and drug.

Furious of this failure, Sony Forelli orders in Tommy to recover its money and its drug (however, kinematics learns to the player that Sony is already in possession of both, and that it thus financed the shooting, which Tommy is unaware of). Only, to discover which fled with the money and drug, Tommy must initially better approach the medium of the crime of the city.

With the assistance of Rosenberg, Tommy is invited to a festival where it meets the jet set of City Defect and certain drug traffickers. On its road, it also meets Lance Vance, also eager to find the money and to be avenged. They thus decide to be combined.

Progressively of its missions for the “powerful ones” of the city, Tommy is brought to work for Ricardo Diaz, a chief of the underworld local. It ends up discovering that this one is at the origin of its troubles at the time of the deal. With the assistance of Lance, it takes the manor of Diaz of attack, eliminates this last and decides to take again its business, shouldered by Lance and Rosenberg.

The money of Sony passes thus quickly behind from other priorities of Tommy which intends well to have its share to be able in Vice City. Seeking to put the hand on the city, Tommy repurchases the principal companies of them (a movie studio, a discotheque, a company of taxis inter alia), polishes its relations, and ends up becoming one of the most powerful men of City Defect. By repurchasing a printing works, Tommy finds a plan to get rid of Sony, whose pressures are increasingly strong: to launch a company of counterfeit and to produce counterfeit bills in order to give them at Sony.

Understanding that it loses the control of the situation, this last decides to go to Vice City with its men to replace Tommy by the force. It succeeds in buying Lance which betrays Tommy. After a long shooting in the old manor of Diaz, become the seat of the Vercetti Gang, Tommy leaves victorious and eliminates its two former associates. Débarassé of the threats come from north, it can turn to its business to Vice City, while joining Ken Rosenberg.

In the chronology of the series, Large Theft Car: Vice City is préquelle preceding play, AWG III, which is held in 2001. To still make the universe more credible, Rockstar made coordinate the stories of its various plays so that they are complementary. Thus, Victor Vance, the hero of Defect City Stories, is made kill at the beginning of the play. In the same way, an explanation is given to the arm lacking Phil Cassidy in AWG III. The last mission partly explains chaos reigning in Liberty City in AWG III and Liberty City Stories.

he play comprises a dozen main characters of which much appears only in kinematics between each mission.

The characters have each one a very typified personality, often a caricature of their medium or their trade: the lawyer as timorous as véreux, the puritan politician with the strange practices, the group of bisexual hard rock accro to drug, the Cuban macho, the gang of motorcyclists in Harley-Davidson… Although the hero, the time and the place of Large Theft Car: Vice City are not the same ones as in Grand Theft Auto III, the player meets some characters of AWG III (who are thus fifteen years old less). Thus Donald Coils, the businessman without pity of AWG III, appears here as a simple pupil of the tycoon of the real estate Avery Carrington.

More known of the english-speaking, Lazlow, the organizer of emissions of discussion on the radio of AWG III Chatterbox, of the station hard rock of City Defect (it is the DJ mentions besides this time in AWG III) and Toni, the DJ of Flashback 95.6 (the radio station of years 1980 of AWG III) is present on the pop station Flash FM. Phil Cassidy “the One-Armed Bandit” of AWG III appears in Vice City, it is besides in the mission “Boomshine Saigon” that he loses his arm (while having fun, in a advanced state of intoxication, to make explode explosives remote controls).

Just like its predecessor, several known people lent their voices to the play like Philip Michael Thomas, one of the high-speed motorboats of Two cops in Miami or the pornographic actress Jenna Jameson. The voice of the radio of the taxis is that of Debbie Harry, the singer of the Blondie group.

The history in is thus richer than preceding it opus, putting in scene of many characters such as:

* Tommy Vercetti is the hero of the play. Belonging to the Forelli family, it is decided to be made a place in the city, even if it means oppose its chief, Sony Forelli. Ray Liotta lends its voice to him.
* Sony Forelli is the head of the Forelli household. After having sent Tommy to Vice City, he telephones to him with many recoveries to recover his money, before moving in person. He is finally killed by Tommy. He is doubled by Tom Sizemore.
* Lance Vance is the brother of the supplier of Tommy assassinated at the beginning of the play. Decided to be avenged, it is combined in Tommy before betraying it for money. It is doubled by Philip Michael Thomas.
* Ricardo Diaz is the baron of the coke of the city. It directs a gang of Cubans. Tommy works for him before killing it and seizing its empire. It is doubled by Luis Guzmán.
* Ken Rosenberg is a lawyer, man of the Forelli family in Vice City. It helps Tommy to be made a place with Vice City. It is doubled by William Fichtner.
* Phil Cassidy is an expert out of heavy weapons who helps Tommy to direct a bank. However, its passion for drink and the explosives finish by him costing an arm. Gary Busey lends its voice to him.
* Avery Carrington is a tycoon of the real estate which does not hesitate to have recourse to doubtful methods to aquérir grounds. Tommy works for him and becomes his/her friend.
* Mitch Baker is the chief of a gang of motorcyclists. It spends its time to Greasy Chopper. It is doubled by Lee Majors.
* Colonel Cortez is a colonel with the retirement become “business man”. Very Vice City is found regularly on its yacht for sumptuous festivals. Continued by the French secret services, it is constrained to flee the city. It is doubled by Robert Davi.
* Mercedes Cortez is the only daughter of the colonel. Tommy, charged to take care on it, engages it as pornographic actress. Fairuza Balk lends its voice to him.
* Alex Schrub is the republican representative of City Defect to the federal Congress. Corrupted, womanizer and become inveterate alcoholic, it however tries to gain the puritan votes. It is doubled by Chris Lucas.
* Pasteur Richards is a local celebrity. He guarantees the paradise at which can put the price at it. He is very implied in the ultraconservateurs political circles. David Green lends his voice to him.
* Umberto Robina is the chief of the gang of the Cubans, implied in a war without pity with the Haitians. Macho, it is shown however rather timorous. It is doubled by Danny Trejo.
* Tata Poulet is a lady of a certain age, inoffensive with the first access, which is actually the chief of the gang of the Haitians.
* Steve Scott is a film producer pornographic who works in the studio InterGlobal' S films. Its imagination and its creativity are not taste of Tommy. It is doubled by Dennis Hopper.
* Candy Suxxx is the preferred pornographic actress of Steve Scott. She is doubled by the pornographic actress Jenna Jameson.